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A Life Skill : A Lifetime of Enjoyment

Did you realize;  In your lifetime you can save 

$10s of thousands of dollars growing your own food.  

Consider This:  You can earn $100s of thousands of dollars over your lifetime as a part-time or full-time farmer & independent food producer.   

Rethinking the Family Farm : Business Opportunities For New Generations of Independent Farmers

We've rethought the commercial greenhouse and took it to a higher level. 

Framed in Steal Built Tall: Vertical farming :  "small footprint" large production.

Designed for today's farmers & food entrepreneurs. Create a full time career or a part time side income or simply enjoy feeding and teaching your family and friends.  

Greenhouse Farming can be highly automated, robotic innovations create options how hands on you want to be.  With our systems  entrepreneurs can develop income producing assets with small amount of time and direct labor required. They can also become education entrepreneurs. Literally everyone can know how to grow food and save.  Sign up for our news letter and we'll notify you on further rollout details.  

The Tower Power Greenhouse (TPG) strategy changes the dynamics of local food production industry.  Big Changes / Dramatic cost reductions.  

About Us

Vertical Farming Greenhouses: Expand Production, Leverage Real Estate, Expand Your Income.

There are a wide range of technologies and techniques associated with Vertical Farming. Most extreme being Total Environmental Control. That is NOT our focus, we love the sun and we use it well. 

We have a pragmatic and cost effective approach to vertical farming.  Working with small independent restaurants and local markets as well as independent farming entrepreneurs.  

Rethinking the Family Farm

 With Vertical in Mind 

Our unique greenhouse designs and strategies are focused on areas with early and late frosts.  They are built of steal, wood & aluminum with multiple  automation options. They are built to last. They are built to move.   They  attach to flatbed trailers. That's right, they move with you in life and follow the sun as Sole's  position changes through the seasons.  

Mobile greenhouses add to the strategic options for business. With our  strategies you multi task your business assets though the year.  

Bend & Redmond Oregon:

New Food Production Technology in the High Desert of Central Oregon - Beta Test Partners Needed : Revolutionary greenhouse design and vegetable productions strategy, join us,  be a pioneer in farm to table food production. 

Restaurants / Chefs  /  Food Entrepreneurs

With our program and the right partner We will deliver to your retail location a fully functional operating and "stocked" vertical vegetable garden greenhouse, Yup your inventory is "on the vine" growing in value from the minute it arrives.  

Our greenshouses are on trailers and offer appealing retail features. Very appealing and attention getting. 

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Get Fresh & Get Attention Too

Greenhouses Get Peoples' Attention, Especially if they are Lit Up at Night

The Greenhouse is tall, 10 ft.  plus it is on a flatbed  trailer, taller still. 

We keep the lights on during dining hours so it glows in the dark. 

It gets attention, People will talk about it the next day, they'll tell their friends.  


Our Greenhouses are on flatbed  trailers.  If you have a spare parking stall in the sun ... You can get from farm to market in a few steps. 

Family food: This is an excellent use for flatbed trailers in the off season. Our greenhouse kits will rock the  foodie in you and save your family lots of money over the years on fresh from the garden greens all year round. .  

The Evolving Family Farm

Technology and techniques are Re-Engaging Production Opportunities 

Modern Farms of all kinds are leveraging production with Extensive use of environmental sensors that enable maximum operation efficiencies. 

We are inviting food entrepreneurs to create commercial operations that can scale. At TPG we work with you from the beginning, start small and build a big future.  

Chefs, restauranteurs, independent produce markets, Family farms.  The value TPG is both healthy products it produces and also brings out community interest, it's attention getting. 

We envision the potential to create certification program.    

Serving fresh food is a healthy and competitive advantage. Restaurants and Chefs can impress their holiday season guests with "fresh today" produce. That's a great ingredient for a holiday meal. 


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